Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scenes of Summer


I'm back.

I realized about 2 weeks into summer that I did not have the time or energy to keep up with my blog, so I kind of just put her on hold for a bit. Did anyone get tired of seeing the chocolate chip cookie recipe? However, the children headed back to school yesterday and Mr C is at work so I thought I should get back on here and do some updating since this is my journal of sorts.


I do have to mention that summer this year was GREAT. I think my children and I handled the lack of routine and schedule much better than the years before. We had lazy days and days full of activity. We had parties at our home and dinners out with friends. We celebrated birthdays ( I turned 34) and found any reason we could to go out and have fun.

Rather than create the longest post in my history today and explain everything that we did this Summer break...I just thought I would share some photos of some good stuff.


I spent lots of my summer muggin on this Mr C.

(see the fabulous Gucci he got me for my birthday...)

Mr C's children moved to San Diego in late June so on one of our trips there...we were able to have his kids come and stay with us. This is our family...minus the oldest, Justine.

Together, we have 7 children. I know...hat's a lot. They are all great kids and let me tell you...our house is so loud when they are all together. I wouldn't have it any other way.

While we were at Mission Beach, we stopped off at the bumper cars. Seriously...I think I left with whip-lash. Kids are cruel...that's all I'm sayin'.

I know my sunglasses are huge...but I love them...even though I look like a bug.

One thing that I absolutely love is to see my kids on the beach. I don't think that I stopped smiling the entire time our toes were in the sand. The kids all got along and played well together the entire time...I was utterly amazed that I didn't spend my time breaking up fights.

That's Landon up there...running to his mama for a towel. I think, on average, I declare my love for his little guy about 47 times. He'll be 6 next week. He can hardly wait for his day.

Mikey (above with Landon) has been my biggest concern this year. He started Jr High yesterday and has had two fabulous days. I was relieved to know that he only got lost once and had a buddy to sit with at lunch. I have been so nervous and anxious over his new school and all that comes with Jr High territory. Then, I really freaked myself out when we celebrated his 12th birthday in July and I realized that next year he will be a teenager. Hi...I'm not ready for that either.

I spent a lot of our Summer loving on my kids and Mr C. I realized over and over how much good there is in my life and I just decided to put intent into our days. Intent to be patient and to show love. Intent to make memories and to cherish them.


  1. For the record, I dig the big sun glasses. And I too have been a wreck thinking about Rach going to Jr. High ( are they at the same one, or did you get a boundary exception?) but she is doing great. Sounds like you had a great summer!

  2. good pictures! im glad it was a great summer!

  3. oh and i do love your bag, i got a new one too!! big like that ....

  4. welcome back stranger!!
    great bag btw!

  5. Yahoo she is back!! great summmer and belated happy birthday! Great bag, great photos...and great memeories...missed you! XO

  6. it's about time girlie.....
    welcome back.