Monday, August 31, 2009

In Love

mr c and i consider ourselves very lucky. we have been given a second chance at love. second chances are the best. we held interest for each other some 14 years ago, but timing just was not on our side. we ended our flirtation right after it began and moved on with our own lives...each finding another kind of love that led to marriage and children. mr c never left my mind. he made his mark on my heart and i on his.

mr c's marriage ended almost 5 years ago and mine followed suit a few years after. on one sunny day in april of 2007...i picked up my phone and left that beautiful man a message at his office. he returned my call within minutes. we always tell others that from that moment...from that phone call...we were done. we were meant to be together when timing and life were right. we fell in love quickly and despite the both of us having crawled out of broken marriages...we were not afraid to jump in with everything we had.

when we began dating...we spoke late into our nights about how we would treat our relationship different than our failed marriages. we agreed and made mention over and over again about the 'little things' meaning the most to us and we, in turn, put high value on this thought. our relationship weighs heavily on the 'little things' to this day...2 and 1/2 years into our life together.

one of the 'little things' that we do is write notes to each other in our notebook. i'll scribble a note of gratitude for mr c in my life...or sometimes it's something a little sexier...or they are just my written words about how i feel about this man that i love. when i am done, i place the notebook on his night table and then wait for him to do the same for me. let me tell you...reading a love note from my strong, athletic, manly-man is one of my absolute favorite treats. this book is great because it documents our feelings and love. i know it's a bit mushy...but i'll take it. it's always nice to be able to reread notes and letters and be reminded of how lucky we really are.

(will now apologize for super mushy about something raunchy and saucy tomorrow)


  1. really being in LOVE is one of the best "GIFTS" God has givin us.....Im so glad you have made it and still are moving is a bond that hold the best together....whens the wedding?? YOu both deserve nothing but happiness forever xo

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to see a friendly face around there!

    I hope you love the chocolate moustaches as much as we did.

    I am going back to school for one of two things: either Dental Hygiene or Ultrasound tech. Dental Hygiene is a hard program to get into here-- so I have to have a plan B!

  3. How romantic! I love the idea of a love note notebook. What memories to have!

  4. Hey Sweetie, I tried to comment yesterday and it didn't here I go again. I love this story so much..I love that you found the ONE! And your little notebook is just precious! Cheers to happily ever after!