Wednesday, August 25, 2010



meet steeler...
the newest member of our family...
i wanted to name him winston but the children out-numbered me in votes and decided on steeler...
after mr c's favorite nfl team
i think when your significant other feels sort of bad that you have
been trying for a baby for almost two years and have only sore thighs and
negative pregnancy tests to show for it...he lets you adopt a puppy to you know,
cheer you up a bit.

it worked...
i'm all cheered up
we were able to adopt this guy over the weekend and i am in love

i have had a few dogs to care for and they have all been big...huge dogs...and they have all been girls...this is my first time having a pup with dangly bits.
i have been mom to a rottweiler, and a german shepherd...
and we currently have our lab/chow mix, mandy who in my book is the perfect family dog...
at first...i was a little nervous to bring such a small pup home...but things are working out great...

this guy follows me from room to room and watches every move that i make
i can't get away with anything with him around
i think maybe that's why the mr brought him home to keep an eye on things...
i might be onto something here
in the past few days...i have tripped over him 64 times...
sent him sliding across the floors 57 times and i even accidentally stepped on him this morning...
he's tiny.
under 7 pounds tiny.
i'm not used to animals this small
the cats are bigger than him
he's making his space in our family
mostly right between the mr and myself in the bed at night

i think steeler is mad at us right now because we took him to the
vet to have his you know whats neutered today...
i wonder if a bag of frozen peas works for puppies too?


  1. He is so cute.. love his little hairy legs! I cant wait to meet him!

  2. He's the cutest! What a tiny little guy. I'm glad he's cheering you up!

  3. what a cute lil guy...what kinda doggy?? heres some info i thought you might find useful i am taking the advise as baby for me yet either...shucks...

    this is from a friend of mine that had same situation as you:
    A couple years back Russ had a reversal- the original vas. was a hasty decision that we always regretted. I would recommend looking into fertility accupuncture: it totally evened out my cycles and got rid of some lingering pain from an ovarian cyst. I also went gluten free and never felt better in my life. Lots of meat and fruit and veggies! Look into a book called "making babies: a proven 3 month program for maximum fertilty" by Sami David and Jill blakeway. Even if you need treatment, it's still a great place to start.
    Good luck with your quest, I know how difficult it can be, but don't give up and know all that hard work and expense is worth it!
    Good luck!

    love sarah

  4. i feel your pain....every month...NEG...might be so stressed out about it...i need to "STOP TRYING" but its hard to stop! GRRRRRR....ill keep you in my prayers.. I know it will happen "Gods teaching me patience " HA

  5. I''ll trade you. My babies for that puppy.

    keep having sex.
    It will happen.
    And you'll have fun. a win win.